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***** Get “Exit Point Winters Warmers E.P”. *****

***** Get “Exit Point Winters Warmers E.P”. *****

This is a DL link featuring a folder with all releases so far from the Strictly Nuskool Blog inc. tracks from some class producers in the Nu-Rave scene like Nicky Allen, Nefti, Mark C, Pursuit, DJWislov, Champion Breaks, Paul Cronin and many more to this laaarge list!

This one goes 2 every promoter/radio dj or dj in general so that this stuff can be pushed more and more 2 all the oldskool & nurave masses!! 

SHARE & SPREAD IT>https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6evhgh1nceykw/Strictly_Nuskool_Blog_Freebies_back_cat Njoy & support the producers

Sep 7

Exit Point - Party Weekend (FREE 320)

Oldskool Influenced Rave Breaks » https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-party-weekend-free-320 

Sep 3

Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol3

Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol3 » http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/exit-point/play/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol3#.VAdaLPldUYw 

Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol3

Brother - Breathbox (Snug Rmx)
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Main Street (Rustycee Rmx)
Distrax - Ragga Swagga (Exit Point Rmx)
Invisible Landscape - Dub Dealer
Maurs - Hate That Sound 
Thompsonics - Sub Switch
Sureshock - Dubconciousness
Beat Rapist - Ruff In The Jungle
Blackstar - Herb 
Radiokillaz ft Daddy Freddie - Girls Dem (Signal Rmx)
Tokalosh ft Lego - For The Listeners
Al Pack & Solotek - True Bliss
Braindread - Help Is On The Way (Braindread Rmx)
2Nice - Uprising (Serial Killaz Remx)
Amen Diagnostics - Face Off (Jonny 5 Rmx)
Clima ft Lady Emz - Like Blue
Mshcode - Dimension Wave
Staytment - Wandsworth
Colossus ft DnBethh - Taking Hold
Amen Diagnostics - Haunted
Joe Nebula ft Rachel Wallace - Twisted World
The Renegades - Rollin Up (Plot Twist Rmx)
Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie (STP Rmx)
Vocoda - Way Back When (Pastaman Rmx)
Voltage - Gangstars
Alpha & Vytol - Who Say
Ninja & Vital Sense ft BtheChemist - Divine Patterns
Dan Guidance - Another Version
Smokesta, D-Region & Code ft Cogee - Blinkers
Dialect & Kosine ft Fanton Mojah - Light & Salvation
Ji Ben Gong - the Feeling
Unknown Artist - Jungle on Broadway 
Msymiakos - Rub A Dub Style
T.Power ft Elisabeth Troy & Stamina MC - Blowout (Pt4)
Habitat - Burning Up
Jam Thieves - Smoke Weed
Platforn ft Lu Angel - Wake Up
Nico D ft Turbulence - Inna My Draw (Potential Badboy Rmx)
Marvellous Cain & Dope Ammo ft Lady Tasonia - Marijuana
Diamond Geezer - Healin Of The Nation

Aug 1

Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 2

Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 2 » www.house-mixes.com/profile/exit-point/play/exit-points-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-2#.U9vNb_ldV0s 

Radikal Guru ft Cian Finn - Babylon Sky (Adam Prescott Rmx)
Overly Medicated - Make Me Dub It
Aries & Gold Dubs Meets Max Powa - Babylonman
Disrupta - Giving It All I Got (Sound Shifter Rmx)
Ramos & Birchy - Dance With Me
Ziyad - Rush It Down
Sparki Dee - Dancing Flame (Your Like Magic)                              -                               
North Base - Problem Child 
Eat Rave ft Kutski - Original Muffin
Vapour - Feel The Vibe 
Zero B - Lock Up (Abzolution Rmx)
Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Rmx)
Wavewhore - Take The Dancefloor 
Tango - Future Followers (Exit Point’s 2013 Rmx)
Toran Delaney - Wake and Break Ho
Nicky Allen - Feel So Groovy (Retropolis Rmx)                           -                               
Flashback Project - Run Outta Town 
Radiokillaz - West Indian Pepper
Tribe Steppaz & Mr Sir - Circa Rave 94
Schoco - I Wanna Dance 
Gareth Monks - Acens Urban Breakdown
Luffy - Oldskool Underground
DJs Unite - Vol 1 (Stormski refix)
Junior UKG ft Martin Carr - Hiding (Strange Rollers Rmx)
B2N - In Yer Soul (B2N’s Shape The Future Rmx)
Sonic Fixation - Always There)
Pursuit - Can’t Hold It (140mg Overdose Mix)
U.S.B.S - Free Your Soul 
Ratpack - Brothers Sisters (Slipmatt Rmx)
Pirate Jams - Happy Days
Madd-Inc - Everyday ft Papa Levi & Daddy Colonel (King Yoof Rmx)
Curious ft Harmony - Souljah
Vinyl Junkie & Dope - Worries In The Dance 
Final Feverz - Great Freedom
Freestylers ft Fast Eddie - The Sound 
Nexus 21 - Real Love (Strange Rollers 2014 Rmx)
Breakz - Original Herbalist (vip)
Brockout Crew - Hardcore Romance (King Yoof & Gold Dubs Rmx)

Distrax - Ragga Swagga (Exit Point Rmx) (Out Now On Red Alfa Records)

Out Now On Red Alfa Records » https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/distrax-ragga-swagga-exit-points-remix-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records

The NuSkool Hardcore And Jungle Blog: JULY FREEBIES [2014]

Exit Point - Funky Desire Blogged On Strictly Nuskool Blog »strictlynuskool.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/july-freebies-2014.html

Exit Point - Come On (FREE 320)

Chilled Breaks »> http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-come-on-free-320-1

Exit Point Releases On Juno

Exit Point Releases On Juno » http://www.junodownload.com/search/?q%5Bartist%5D%5B%5D=%22exit+point%22

Jul 9

Amen Diagnostics ft Ragga Twins - Killin It

Amen Diagnostics ft Ragga Twins - Killin It » https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-killin-it-free-320

Jul 4

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 1

Exit Point’s Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 1

Blue Motion - Lazy on Sunday
Flame & Incident - Smoke Streets 
MSdos - Rub Dub 
Soul Intent - Far Out Funk
Exit Point - Time To Shine
Funkware - Boombox
Zero Zero - Funky Reggae
Tim Ryan - Liquidator
Furney - Jah Jah Say
Heist & Studio 12 - Creeping Dub 
Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah (vip)
Staytment - That’s the Bad Guy 
Rig Slutz - Ooh Laa Laa
Exit Point & Junglist Mercer - Feelin’ Good
Picota & Kumbh - Head Shot 
Dee Patten - Who’s The Badman (Dubious Rmx)
Bman - Lazer Beam
Brian Brainstorm - Hand Inna Di Air
Dubsta - Superhero
Jinx - Classic
Sophistics & Distrax - Devotion
Kid Chameleon - Mamma Taught Her 
Armitage Shankz - Too Many Gangsters
The Urbanizer - Strong
Alize & Mazoulew - Bun Down The System
Oliver Ferrer - The Movement
nClear - Ground Zero
Decon - Junior Dub
Dialect & Koisine ft Gala Orsborn & Cheshire Cat - Fever (Jungle Citizenz Rmx)
Dream Team - Raw Dogs (Cabin Fever UK Rmx)
Sound Shifter - What a Gal Dem 
IDavid & Jamie Irie - Smoke Some Weed (Callide Rmx)
Chopstick Dubplate ft Jah Roamy - 50 Pound A Weed
Fleck & Junior SP - Corrosive
BSM ft Hatcha - Slammer (Ray Keith Rmx)
Dan Guidance - Sky High
Dark Able - Smoke The High Grade
DJ Rap - Digable Bass (Aries & Stivs Rmx)
Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune (Serial Killaz & Marvellous Cain Rmx)
Badman - War In 94 (Soulculture Rmx)