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Exit Point's Production & Breaks, Bass & Beats Pod


Exit Point - Come On (FREE 320)

Chilled Breaks »> http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-come-on-free-320-1

Exit Point Releases On Juno

Exit Point Releases On Juno » http://www.junodownload.com/search/?q%5Bartist%5D%5B%5D=%22exit+point%22

Jul 9

Amen Diagnostics ft Ragga Twins - Killin It

Amen Diagnostics ft Ragga Twins - Killin It » https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-killin-it-free-320

Jul 4

Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 1

Exit Point’s Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast Vol 1

Blue Motion - Lazy on Sunday
Flame & Incident - Smoke Streets 
MSdos - Rub Dub 
Soul Intent - Far Out Funk
Exit Point - Time To Shine
Funkware - Boombox
Zero Zero - Funky Reggae
Tim Ryan - Liquidator
Furney - Jah Jah Say
Heist & Studio 12 - Creeping Dub 
Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah (vip)
Staytment - That’s the Bad Guy 
Rig Slutz - Ooh Laa Laa
Exit Point & Junglist Mercer - Feelin’ Good
Picota & Kumbh - Head Shot 
Dee Patten - Who’s The Badman (Dubious Rmx)
Bman - Lazer Beam
Brian Brainstorm - Hand Inna Di Air
Dubsta - Superhero
Jinx - Classic
Sophistics & Distrax - Devotion
Kid Chameleon - Mamma Taught Her 
Armitage Shankz - Too Many Gangsters
The Urbanizer - Strong
Alize & Mazoulew - Bun Down The System
Oliver Ferrer - The Movement
nClear - Ground Zero
Decon - Junior Dub
Dialect & Koisine ft Gala Orsborn & Cheshire Cat - Fever (Jungle Citizenz Rmx)
Dream Team - Raw Dogs (Cabin Fever UK Rmx)
Sound Shifter - What a Gal Dem 
IDavid & Jamie Irie - Smoke Some Weed (Callide Rmx)
Chopstick Dubplate ft Jah Roamy - 50 Pound A Weed
Fleck & Junior SP - Corrosive
BSM ft Hatcha - Slammer (Ray Keith Rmx)
Dan Guidance - Sky High
Dark Able - Smoke The High Grade
DJ Rap - Digable Bass (Aries & Stivs Rmx)
Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune (Serial Killaz & Marvellous Cain Rmx)
Badman - War In 94 (Soulculture Rmx)

Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune (Exit Point's 2014 Rmx)(FREE 320)

Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune (Exit Point’s 2014 Rmx) » https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/dem-2-ruff-nice-tune-exit-points-2014-rmxfree-320

2Brainz - Bubble Machine (Exit Point's Rmx) (Free 320)

Exit Point Jungle Breaks Remix For 2Brainz  » https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/2brainz-bubble-machine-exit-points-rmx-free-320

Amen Diagnostics

Amen Diagnostics Facebook » https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amen-Diagnostics/722139571158501

Various Artists - Motivation (RA0008)

Preview of Drum & Bass and Jungle compilation album “Motivation (RA0008)” on the Rancid Records label. Featuring artists Shokski, 4A4, Warminstrel, Amen Diagnostics, Hives, Fayza, Bertrack, DJ Sideeffect, A-Tonal, Invizable Man, Dubbface, Exit Point, Coletrain, Junglist Mercer and Skyz. Being released in all top stores 27th August 2014.


1. Shokski - Bodmin Skank VIP
2. 4A4 - Buccaneer Dub
3. Warminstrel - Ragga Bizness
4. Amen Diagnostics - Haunted
5. Hives - Love
6. Fayza - Double Check
7. Bertrack - Woo Ha
8. DJ Sideeffect - Cosmos
9. A-Tonal - Bat Country
10. Invizable Man - Smash Illa
11. Dubbface - Light It Up
12. Exit Point - Who Run Tingz
13. Coletrain - Nuked
14. Junglist Mercer - Lost Love
15. Skyz - Alcoholism


Amen Diagnostics - Let The People Know (FREE 320)

Amen Diagnostics Soundcloud »> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/let-the-people-know-free-320 

The NuSkool Hardcore And Jungle Blog

Here are all Strictly Nuskool Blog releases so far…
Big up to all producers involved - all radio djs - label managers and SNB crew of course!! Share the links and show your support to the producers! NURAVE ALIVE!

★SNBEP001:: Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. DJ Mark C
[free DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9lv3269j4a4jb6a/SNBEP001-Strictly+Nuskool+Blog+presents+DJ+MARK+C%282013%29.rar]

★SNBEP002:: Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. dj pursuit
[free DL: https://www.mediafire.com/?d8oye2miomgx60e]

★SNBEP003:: DJWISLOV ’Back to The OldSkool EP’ [free DL:http://www.mediafire.com/download/x163amwyfzhbi0o/SNBEP003-DJ+Wislov+-+Back+To+The+Oldskool+EP+%282013%29.rar]

★SNBEP004:: Champion Breaks ‘Acid Power EP’ [free DL:http://www.mediafire.com/download/d8s8dq51vp761dt/CHAMPION_BREAKS_ACID_POWER_EP__Strictly_Nu_Skool_Blog.rar]

★SNBEP005:: Exit Point ’Winter Warmers EP’ [free DL:http://www.mediafire.com/download/3ddd31a368seqiw/Exit_Point-Winter_Warmers_EP-2013%5BSNB_FREE_EP%5D.rar]

★SNBEP006:: The Supersonic Army ’Hardcore Chapter 2006-2007’ [free DL:http://www.mediafire.com/download/4wh39itk7jcl7ad/SNBEP006-The+Supersonic+Army+-+Hardcore+Chapter+2006-2007——STRICTLY_NUSKOOL_BLOG.rar]

★SNBEP007:: Paul Cronin ‘The Ecstasy Revival EP’
[free DL: https://www.mediafire.com/?1yd2samy7277rzr]

★SNB001::STRICTLY NUSKOOL Vol.1 [free DL:https://www.facebook.com/strictlynuskoolblog/app_220150904689418]